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Advisory Council In Process
Awards Selection Committee Erica Huhtala, Chair
Stephanie Verplaetse
Nora Staunton
Emily Smolinski
Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee Todd Mortimer, Chair
Stephanie Verplaetse
Communications Committee Stephanie Verplaetse, Chair
Tanis Crosby
Complaints Committee Shane McDonald, Chair
Alana Lutrzykowski
Greg Davidson
Bill Gibb
Tricia Controy - Govt. Rep
Discipline Committee Kandy Macaulay, Chair
Lynda Koga-Wray
Mark Zarembo
Education Committee Cory Campbell, Chair
Stephanie Verplaetse
Investigations Tanis Crosby, Chair
Continuing Competency Commitee
Sandra Biesheuvel, Chair
Cory Campbell
Shane McDonald, Registrar
Kaitlyn Laye
Lindsay Dods
Tricia Conroy, Govt. Rep
Nominating Committee Stephanie Verplaetse

Governance Committee Tanis Crosby, Chair
Kendra Foster
Shane McDonald

Public Relations Committee Olsen Jarvis, Chair
Pamela Sibilleau
Linda Sid
Ingrid Murphy
Sebastien Tessier
Kyle Mikoliew
Registrar Shane McDonald