To review the process in which a Complaint against a MARRT member is filed, investigated and carried through, please view the following documents here:

Complaints Committee Terms of Reference

Investigation Chair Terms of Reference

Discipline Committee Terms of Reference 

Concerns about a Respiratory Therapist
If you or someone you know received care from a Respiratory Therapist that didn’t meet your expectations you may wish to submit your concern to the Manitoba Association of Registered Respiratory Therapists. The MARRT is responsible for overseeing the practice of all Respiratory Therapists who work in Manitoba.  Our mission is to ensure that respiratory care is provided to the public in a safe and ethical manner.

Often it is too difficult to speak directly with a healthcare professional when you are unhappy with the care you (or your loved one) received. There are many ways we can help.  Sometimes, simply assisting you to communicate with the Respiratory Therapists is all that is needed. Other times there is more involved.  Whatever the process, we will make every effort to ensure that your concerns are handled with sensitivity.

To submit a concern, please click here to access a Professional Conduct Reporting Form.  Once completed, please send the form to the MARRT Office at

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