The Regulated Health Professions Act (Bill 18) received Royal Assent on June 11th, 2009

This Bill changes the way health professions are regulated in Manitoba. New regulatory scheme:

At present, there are 21 statutes dealing with different health professions; this Bill replaces those statutes with one umbrella Act, The Regulated Health Professions Act. Health professions currently regulated under their own statutes will be designated by regulation as regulated health professions. Those statutes will be repealed over time, and each of the professions will then be regulated under the umbrella Act and that profession's specific regulations.

To view the Act, click here 

For an informational overview of the RHPA, presented by Liz Ambrose, Senior Policy Analyst for Manitoba Health, click here.

To view a comparison chart of other Manitoba Professional Health Colleges annual license fees, as well as their current EFT staffing, as well as the fees paid by RRT's in other provinces, please click here

To view a presentation made by Deanna Williams, a private consultant with experience with the RHPA process, made at the 2016 MARRT AGM, click here.  To review the report recommendations from Deanna Williams, click here.

More information regarding MARRT's RHPA application coming soon!
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