Welcome to the MARRT on-line Member Renewal Service

Renewing your licence.

Licence renewal normally opens in January each year and registered licencees will receive an email notice with instructions on how to proceed with licence re-application. You must login in order to renew your licence . If your licence is up for renewal, you will receive a brief message as soon as you successfully login to the Member Portal. Simply follow the instructions to proceed with renewal. Upon successful completion, you will no longer receive the renewal notice when you login.


To access the services in the members only sections of the website you will be required to login with a user name and password that has been provided to you by the MARRT or that you assigned yourself when you first registered with the MARRT. If you've forgotten your login credentials or can't find the original email with your credentials, you may retrieve them from the login screen by providing your email address in the "Forgot Your Login/Password?" section and clicking the "Retrieve" button. NOTE: your login credentials will only be sent if the email address you provide matches an email address in your member profile. If you have changed your email address and did not update your MARRT profile, please contact the MARRT office for assistance at admin@marrt.org .


Once you have logged in you will be able to:

  • Apply to renew your MARRT membership/license if necessary;
  • View your membership profile;
  • Edit parts of your membership profile (ie: change of email address, change your mailing address etc);
  • Change your login credentials;
  • Register for MARRT member-only events.

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