College Fees

To view a table of Manitoba Professional Colleges annual license fees and related staffing numbers, as well as a separate table of RRT licenses in other provinces, click here.

License Fee Schedule

Type of License Fee Details
Administration Application Fee $60.00 Applies to the initial application only
* non-refundable
Active Practicing License $450.00 Those persons who have successfully challenged a board recognized credntialing examination and who qualify as a full active practicing member with non conditions.
Active Practicing with Graduate Conditions $225.00 / $450.00 Those graduates who have not yet successfully challenged a board recognized credentialing examination.  Prorated in year of graduation only.
Associate Member License

$150.00 Those persons registered as such pursuant to the Provisions of the Registered Respiratory Therapists Act; but not being active practicing member.
Exampe: Extended leave of absense from employment or Maternity Leave.
Prorating of Active Practicing License Fees

$225.00 Active Practicing License Fee will be prorated to half the full fee after July 31st.
Late Fee $100.00 A late fee will be applied for license renewals that are received after January 31st.
Student License FREE Those persons enrolled in an accredited Respiratory Therapy Education Program

*Applicants will be advised of their license application status following a due diligence investigation by the Registrar. Applicants will be invoiced the appropriate license fee following approval of their application. Upon full payment of the required fee, the individual will be added to the membership roster and a printable PDF license card will be emailed to you.  All fees must be paid via a credit card transaction using the secure online payment system during the application submission.

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