Professional Liability Insurance

Over the past two years there has been a significant increase in the number of formal complaints made against licensed respiratory therapists in the province.  As is the requirement of most health profession regulatory colleges, the decision to require professional liability insurance (PLI) by all members of the Manitoba Association of Registered Respiratory Therapists has been made by the Board of Directors.  This mandatory requirement will take effect in the license year of 2017.  The Board of Directors believes that requiring professional liability insurance from all members is a necessary and important step for our profession.

The focus of the Board of Directors during the 2015-2016 operating year has been to phase out the advocacy role of the MARRT and focus on matters of self-regulation. As the MARRT prepares for its application to the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), PLI will be mandatory.  The mandate of the MARRT is to protect the public, and this provides the rationale for all of the Board’s decisions. Professional liability insurance protects the public by ensuring that they have access to restitution in the event that patient care by a respiratory therapist results in harm to that patient. If a member of the public was treated by a respiratory therapist who did not have proper insurance and suffered serious harm, that patient would likely have great difficulty obtaining the compensation they deserved. The MARRT believes that it is in the best interest of public safety and self-regulated health professionals to institute the requirement for PLI in advance of our transition to the new legislation.

You may already be covered by an insurance policy of your employer.  Current insurance policies in Manitoba hospitals will fully cover a registered respiratory therapist for legal expenses related to a malpractice case that goes to court, as long as the case does not involve accusations of criminal activity. These employer policies do not typically provide any financial coverage for legal advice obtained by a registered respiratory therapist to assist with the complaints process through the MARRT. Individual professional liability insurance policies typically do provide legal advice and coverage during the complaints process.  With the potential for a complaint to end in disciplinary action which may include fines, suspension or withdrawal of license, it is practical for members to have legal support during this process.

Professional Liability Insurance can be purchased from the CSRT (see below for more information) or from many Insurance Brokers.  The cost will vary depending on the provider you choose.

In summary, the MARRT Board of Directors firmly believes that obtaining professional liability insurance is a professional responsibility in adhering to our standards of practice.  This requirement will ensure that all registered respiratory therapists are covered by malpractice insurance that protects them as an individual, and also protects the public.

Here is an informational video on why Professional Liability Insurance is important


For further information, please contact the MARRT at:

Professional Liability Insurance
through the CSRT

The CSRT is proud to offer professional liability insurance at very reasonable prices to Respiratory Therapists across Canada. As a member of the CSRT, you can purchase professional liability insurance for as low as $46 per year! There are two different options, find which coverage suits you best. Visit The Canadian Soceity of Respiratory Therapists - Professional Liability Insurance .

For more information on professional liability insurance, please contact Katherine Nollet, Officer of membership and conference services at CSRT.

CSRT can also assist with payment of MARRT License Fees.

MARRT will be implementing a new fee structure in 2017. In order to facilitate financial planning, you may want to consider the monthly payment plan offered by the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists to its members.  CSRT members benefit from a monthly payment plan – that is, you can pay your CSRT and MARRT dues and add affordable professional liability insurance. The CSRT will pay your MARRT dues upfront on your behalf and you will receive your CSRT proof of membership/receipt right away. Monthly payments are then spread over 10 months.

For more information on the monthly payment plan, please contact Katherine Nollet, Officer of membership and conference services at CSRT.

Professional Liability Insurance Pricing

As of October 1st 2016, CSRT have reduced Professional Liability rates in effect, which run through to March 31, 2017. Membership is also reduced from $190.00 to $105.00 for the remainder of the year. (All membership rates are subject to 5% tax in Manitoba.

(All professional liability insurance rates are subject to 8% tax in Manitoba)

Option 1: $2M per incident/$5M aggregate:


Option 2: $5M per incident/$10M aggregate:



The reduced rates for professional liability insurance will not be further reduced.


We are currently negotiating rates for the April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018 membership year but here were our annual rate for professional liability insurance for the April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 membership year. Next year’s professional liability insurance rates will be the same or slightly less:

Option 1: $2M per incident/$5M aggregate:


Option 2: $5M per incident/$10M aggregate:


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