MARRT extends membership to non-practicing individuals with an interest in the profession of respiratory therapy. These include students, inactive RRTs and others associated with the profession.

Student Membership

To cultivate a collegial spirit and gain practical knowledge of their chosen profession, students of an accredited educational institution are encouraged to participate as student members. It's easy, and best of all it's free. Students may register with MARRT by clicking here.

Inactive RRT

RRTs that are no longer actively practicing, may maintain their membership in MARRT. These candidates typically meet all other criteria for licensing save for the required minimum hours of practice. Inactive RRTs are not licensed to practice. The annual membership fee for Inactive RRTs is $230.00 prior to July 1st and $115.00 thereafter.

Associate Membership

Individuals with a continuing interest in the profession may apply for an Associate Membership by clicking here. Annual membership fees are $245.00 prior to July 1st and $122.50 thereafter.

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