Code of Ethics

As members of the Health Care Delivery team engaged in the practice of Respiratory Therapy, we realize that we must collectively and individually strive to maintain the highest level of ethical and moral standards.

With this in mind, therefore, the following principles outline the standards to which each member of the Manitoba Association of Registered Respiratory Therapists should conform.

Each member of this Association shall conduct himself in such a manner so as to gain the respect and confidence of other Health Care personnel, as well as respecting the human dignity of his associates.

Each member shall be responsible for the execution of his assigned duties, in a competent and efficient manner, being guided at all times by his concern for the welfare of the patient.

Each member shall familiarize himself with and comply with provincial and/or federal laws governing the practice of Respiratory Therapy.

Each member shall keep in confidence any and all privileged information concerning the patient. Inquiries regarding the dissemination of privileged, personal, or clinical information pertaining to the patient by persons other than those members of the Health Care team who are responsible for the care of the patient shall be directed to the physician in charge of the patient's medical care. No member shall endeavour to extend his province beyond his competence and the authority vested to him by a physician. Each member must carefully guard against conflicts of professional interest.

Each member shall accept responsibility for referring incompetence and illegal or unethical conduct to the proper authorities and/or the Board of Directors of this Association. Only through the integrity of each member can the purpose of the profession be served.

Each member shall adhere to the By-laws of the Association and support the objectives and purpose contained therein.


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